Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

Mau $$$ Lagi, Program Review-an yang baru Launching


Satu lagi program review baru,

Ada Job Review dari untuk menulis review tentang mereka, akan dibayar $5 untuk PR 3 domain sendiri(bukan free domain) dan $3 untuk domain gratisan. Juga dibayar $2 untuk PR 2 dan PR 1 domain sendiri dan $1 untuk free domain PR 2 dan PR 1. Review ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris dan akan dicek untuk di approve, pembayaran lewat paypal.
Saya sudah dapat payment untuk 1 blog, yang tertarik silahkan ke sini atau mau daftar dulu juga boleh. silahkan cek bukti paymentnya.

Hello Bloggers!

We are very happy to launch this company to all of you. As a new company, we need more buzz about our services on blogosphere. We still need MORE BLOGGERS and MORE ADVERTISERS too.

So, we will give you $5 USD to write a review about and post it on your site.

What is the requirements?

Site must PR3+ and the review posted on your own domains (no, or other free-domain services)
Use at least 3 from these anchor texts (Link Post, Get Paid to Blog, review, Buy Link Post) and linked to
Review’s length at least 200 words in good english and grammar (we’ll check it before send payment)
You must mention ‘Link Post‘ in your post’s title
Don’t have PR3+ blog or only have Free-Domain on or

Don’t worry! We still consider to approve reviews about our services on PR1 and PR2 blogs as long as the review looks good, professional and valuable for us. Our rate is:

$2 USD for a review on your PR1-PR2 own domain (no, or other free-domain services)
$1 USD for for a review on your PR1-PR2 free domain (like: and $3 USD for a review on your PR3+ free domain (like: or
After the review has been posted on your site, just send us the post’s URL and your Paypal ID We’ll review your post before send you payment. WE ONLY PAY THE INDEXED POST.

We need MORE and MORE review about our site and our great services from all of you, Bloggers!

BuyLinkPost Marketing Team