Senin, 29 Juni 2009

Tutorial Membuat Email dengan domain sendiri dari Google Apps

I have been benefited by Google Apps with its service. I have my own domain email and till now it shows a reliable performance. I think it better for me to use Google Apps rather than host my email on other email hosting provider.

For those who come from non Bahasa Indonesia speaking countries, the article above tell people to a tutorial on how to configure domain to be used on Google Apps. Unfortunately, the tutorial was written in Bahasa Indonesia because I wanted to guide more Indonesian to grab Google Services as much as they can.

This blog offers readers with make money articles, tips and tricks. But, in some occasions I also write simple easy to follow tutorial for my readers. In make money articles, I provide my readers with articles, tips and tricks to earn from Google AdSense and paid review areas. What I still am not knowing much is how to make money using affiliate program. Perhaps my substandard English is the biggest obstacle for me to succeed in affiliate program. Of course I do learn more and more in increasing my affilliate skill. But, still, writing what I love is my best choice. Make money is not my main reason to blog.


ebook yang saya cari-cari ada disini, makasih kang dan sekalian mu ijin sedot nih, sukses terus kang

makasih bro .. infonya berguna sekali . lam kenal