Selasa, 20 Januari 2009

Batam among Trash and garbage clean personality

We bathed at least twice a day. That way we hope can be free from all forms of dirty and smelly that we stick within the body. However, we know that the body is not merely a rough shape. For, if only just rough shape, so this is our bones. Inside the body is the soul. And as we Jasad, soul we need cleaning. To Jasad, we use the bathroom. So memoleskan cosmetics and farfum. To clean up our lives, what we do?

I live at a time several years ago, dustman only come twice a week. So, if the trash is full terlanjur, people must take the initiative to own up. No less household waste has been spread stench. No wonder if the waste is dismantled; maggot there berlompatan here.
Hey, did you have before me maggot? True. Maggot. Why God created the earth, this maggot? Biology teachers and experts explained that the compost maggot work for the waste into soil loose. Can you imagine if the world does not have maggot? Earth would be fulfilled by the waste we make every day. Sewage is everywhere. Carcass into. And may never again have space remaining for us to live.
Ourselves, we also like the earth that sometimes are meaningless garbage. Our minds sometimes colored by prejudice, negative prejudices. Prejudice to our superiors. Prejudice to our colleagues. Prejudice to our pair. And prejudice to anyone who is around us. Hearts, we spotted by jealous and envious of those of us more advanced. Tongue with the impression we belepotan-word impressions of disgrace, and cursing and hujatan to each other. In short, our bodies sekujur; fulfilled by making the waste themselves to be dirty.
Can you imagine if we are not in themselves have a role as any of the maggot? In fact, we live for decades with the waste that continue to grow. If you do not have a clean ourselves from all that, it is certain that the dirt will stick in our bodies strong. Such as charcoal, scaly patch hitamnya buttocks frying.
Through the maggot that, God showed us how important to clean them. For, we not only make waste physically, but also non-physical. For physical waste, let maggot that God sent up. For non-physical waste? Did God send a special kind of maggot?
In his ourselves, there are two types of waste. First, because the waste that we error and mistake. And second, the waste form of the negative influence of the entrance from the outside.
Introspective attitude is a powerful function maggot to clean themselves from the mistakes that we made. Those who introspective not defend themselves. If one of them, with their big hearts acknowledge the error, and then strive to not repeated again. They will hand over hand with sincere to apologize, and say, 'I was wrong. I will not repeat that mistake. Please be pardoned. Most people act otherwise. That is why criminal court always drag to get a recognition of the accused. Because they do not have the attitude that maggot, they debate each other and defend themselves, so that the truth-run run away buttocks. Maggot word; 'akui any errors, and clean yourself with the apology. "
How about the form of trash-waste-the negative influence of the entrance from the outside? This type of garbage can shape attitudes and actions of others that are not fun, for example. Indeed, it can cause resentment and hatred in our hearts. Then, reply to curse and hate, so that our lives become a net disgraced. However, people who have a maggot choose to overlook the pemaki, and reply to a deterioration with probity, and tolerance. So, there is no revenge in the dictionary of their lives. And if the relationship can not be saved, they must choose so far rather than plunge into a trash dump.
Waste from outside also can be a challenge that life came silih switch. We know that the wheel of life continues to revolve. We sometimes above, sometimes we are under. Over time, we often forget how much pleasure it bernilainya. While under, we often complain that life never seems wonderful. The maggot in helping us clean up the negative attitude so that even in difficult circumstances we can always be positive. Why we be positive? For all the negative attitudes we have cleaned the maggot that. Therefore, we can not do other than deeds positive. Is not it can increase the value of our humanity?

Footwashing notes:
People take it magically clean. So, there is no one thing that can also knock