Jumat, 20 Februari 2009

casual style post “best choice for cool man”

casual style post “best choice for cool man”

          Most men have a similar problem when dealing with fashion”clueless”! This is caused by a lack of information about men's fashion (although there are magazines specifically how men talk about fashion, but it seems less comfortable). Problems faced by man responsibility in the age group (early twenty). Because they are not yet entered the stage, but adult male from adolescence through a man. Would like to try the style of adult fear looks like uncle, but the style of teenagers trying to look like ... fear abg unstable. View of the problems that this quaint little I try to give information about the inspiration that seems appropriate fashion for men in the age of responsibility is.

           Is a fashion style called inspiration sartorialist. found by a worker Scot Schuman fashion from New York when the fashion style of New York street is cool according to him. According to Schuman, the cool street style is a reflection of the page what you want seen by the designer fashion on the streets before they determine the style inspiration for their fashion collection (in simple language ... sartorialist the style is street fashion Conference individual fashion industry). Schuman began to take the next photos on street style (from all over the world) and a cool page publicate blog in The Sartorialist.

I always felt that there was a disconnect between what I was selling in the showroom and what I was seeing real people (really cool people) wearing in real life.
Sartorialist how the style is. Term casual in its own terms is a fashion style of clothing is free but civilized. Not just a relaxed style, but more relaxed style, its called tidy casual style post. typical fashion item merging formal, semi formal, and even non-formal. Meanwhile, post-style casual clothing style is relaxed but trim up a highly fashionable. Clearly, items and even semi-formal or formal, such as shirt, jacket, etc.. needed in it. While the effect of relaxation can be obtained from the use of accessories (watch, scarf, bracelets, necklaces, glasses, etc.). And fashion items with a detailed semi-formal (blazer, jacket, coat, cardigan, Khaki pants, etc..) And non-formal ( sneakers, t shirt, shorts, pants jeans, sandal, etc.)..

Now this style has many Conference organization in the world in the affairs mode (considering the style of a street or street style is a style ready-to-wear). And the more highly, people are fashionable style of this Conference. So rich in terms of the people for the people.
Who is there can be a fashion inspiration for all. Or perhaps you are ready to be the next trendsetter. Fashoinable being is more important than being trendy
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