Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

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Guys, found a site which is known as I was looking for an information about how to advertise in newspapers and magazines.Finally I got this information in this site.The article explain to readers step by step how to advertise in newspaper and magazine. People who helped with this article will remember the article and the author, and also visit his/her webpage. You help people expanding their horizon.

The advertising is performed in three ways:

  • by providing original artwork from which the publication can print
  • by providing duplicates of the original artwork
  • by inputting the artwork down the line by electronic means directly into the publisher’s printing process, ie via ISDN or ADS.
Then I find the article about how to create a poster for advertising.This article help me understand how does an concept is created and developed in advertising. The article talk about the product and how to communicate it to potential buyers. Make a simple or fast advertising concept must be chosen first then develop the concept until the execution in media.So, make use of the site and know the methods of advertising.Miss this site at your own cost. 


ini dari kang? masih tetep bayar gag mereka kang?!?!?!