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Blood Vessel System Diseases

Heart Diseases
Heart disease is a disease of the blood vessel system, or more precisely the heart-muscle and blood vessel, heart pentakit some examples such as coronary heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, pain in the chest (usually called "angina" or "angina pectoris") and disease heart rheumatism.

Coronary heart disease is the most highest in the suffering people. This disease attacks the blood vessel and can cause a heart attack. Heart attack due to arterial duct that clog, preventing the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the heart. Stroke is caused by a lack of flow of blood that flows to the brain, or sometimes cause bleeding in the brain.

However, not all heart disease caused by attack vein, here is some other disturbance in the heart:

Abnormal Heart Rhythms
Normally the heart rattle 60 to 120 times a minute (or average 100 thousand times each day). pulse heart that is not usually called normal arryhytmia (often also called dysrhythmia). The heart rattle too slow (under 60 times per minute) is called bradyarrhythmias(bradikardi-at bahasa) . meanwhile a rattle above 100 per minute is called tachyarrhytmias (tachikardi-at bahasa).

Heart Failure
heart failure is the most frightening. Not mean that the heart can not work at all, not just heart rattle as appropriate

Heart Valve Disease
Damaged heart valve. Heart valve located in the heart of each room (we have the heart of the chamber 4) set a working direction of blood flow to the heart.

Congenitas Heart Disease
Called regular or deviation in the heart. The 8 to 10 children of each birth in 1000. Early symptoms are usually terldeteksi at birth or in infancy. In the United States about 500 thousand people experienced in the heart rudiment growth and increases sektar 20 thousand orangtiap year.

Attack on the heart muscle itself. The people that this disease usually get enlargement, diminution of the heart and is not normal or even become numb. The heart is not pumping the normal (become weaker). Without a good handling of cardiomyopathies will be caused disease is worse, such as heart failure or cause a normal heart does not rattle.

Inflammation is a layer of the heart girth. Rare, usually caused by infection.
There are many factors that cause vulnerability to heart disease. The main problem is the lifestyle that seems to cause disease in the body. But there are several factors that can not be changed, such as increased age or the descendants of factors.

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