Kamis, 25 November 2010

Hostgator Discount up to 80%

Yesterday we was send notification to you about incredible promo of Hostgator welcome Black Friday in America. If you have not read it, make sure you read it. We have included the previous email at the end of this email.

REMEMBER: This promotion is very time-sensitive because it is only open for 24 hours. Read email us beforehand to know at the entry into force of up to 80% promo discount this.

From our previous emails, we get a lot of questions. Well for the same question not be answered over and over again, we include answers to the questions most frequently asked questions below.

Q: If you already have an account Hostgator, whether promo discount can be used for an existing account?

A: We are sorry, we could sure can not. Hostgator provide this special promo for new accounts only.

Q: How much do I pay for the Baby Plan for 1, 2 or 3 years?

A: Normal Price Baby Plan for 1 year payment is U.S. $ 119.40, for 2 years is U.S. $ 214.80 while for 3 years is U.S. $ 286.20. So if you can discount 50%, then that needs to be paid for the Baby Plan 1 year was U.S. $ 59.70, 2 years is U.S. $ 107.40 and for 3 years is U.S. $ 143.10.

Of course if you managed to get the promo discount of 80%, you can really crazy price he .. he .. We ourselves want to order for its own purposes can not know if I can.

Q: What is the mechanism order to order a special promo this Hostgator?

A: The best thing is your own order through our link is hostgator discount up to 80% which is paid by credit card or your paypal.

Q: If you already have a hosting account at Hostgator or any other company (including BBI), how to move the website from your old account to new account? Was it hard?
A: It's a bit troublesome but in principle you only do 2 things: change the nameserver of the old domain is replaced with a nameserver from the new hosting. Upload reset to the new hosting.

Your own order through our link is hostgator discount up to 80%